Way Less Productive a Day…

I wake up yesterday, feeling sick once again, so I opt to stay in for the morning and avoid another workout. I just got the Clerks II second disc from Netflix, so I pop it in and watch the bonus features, including an hour and a half documentary about the making of the movie. Man, if Kevin Smith can break into the movie business, anyone can, right? Maybe I should move to LA…or maybe the Valley…hehe.

After that, I get a phone call during which I am encouraged me to make the trek outside and get some sun. I head out across the street to Borders where I plan to pick up some of the books the Best Picture nominees were based on. I walk up to the counter holding No Country for Old men and Oil! (There Will be Blood), but end up only buying No Country simply because it’s shorter and I’ve read McCarthy back in college. This particular author has an interesting writing style that takes some getting used to, but I can already tell I’m going to like it.

I make my way over to Cafe Pino for another delicious pizza and sit outside enjoying the book and some pizza with organic (as I am informed by the owner) crust and wood fired goodness. I promise myself that soon as I’m better, I’m going to stop eating pizza and start working out again!

The book is good, but not good enough to keep me away from sacking down in front of the tv when I get home for some American Idol in the evening. I have to say, David Archuletta stands out from the crowd so far on the guys side – I’m curious to see how his performance of “Imagine” holds up against the girls. I also get a call from Gumdrops asking me to do some more graphic design work in the future, which I’m stoked about!

A few phone calls, emails (BCox, send me those Disneyland pics!) and Scrabulous turns later, I’m ready to go to sleep and prepare for the new Whole Foods grand opening in the morning! Finally, a grocery store that’s walking distance, which I haven’t had since the Limberlost house. Since I finished Mallrats the previous night, so I pop in more Star Trek: Enterprise to fall asleep to.

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