About Us

Once upon a time, there was a group of daring and intrepid pirates sailing the open seas, searching for adventure and treasure. Little did they know that their greatest fortune would not be found in the depths of the ocean, but rather in a far-off land called the internet.

These swashbuckling seafarers soon found themselves drawn to a website called inkwaste.com, a place where they could share their stories, spread their knowledge and even create websites before the internet was even created!

The pirates quickly realized that inkwaste.com was far more valuable than any treasure they could find on the high seas. They decided to make it their home and founded the first online community of buccaneers.

The pirates built a vibrant community, exchanging stories, tips, and tricks of the trade. They also created a marketplace where they could buy and sell goods, such as ink cartridges and printing supplies.

But their success was not without its challenges. In order to protect their new home, the pirates had to constantly fight off land wars in Asia, where competitors were always trying to take over the site.

The battle was fierce, but the pirates persevered and eventually, inkwaste.com became the most successful website of its time.

Today, inkwaste.com is still a thriving community, home to millions of loyal members from all over the world. It has grown from a small pirate website to a global platform for sharing stories, exchanging knowledge, and buying and selling goods.

And, of course, it still holds a special place in the hearts of those intrepid pirates who first discovered the site and made it their home.