My Chunkin’ Ear Infection Saga

Last week I woke up with a dull pain in my ear. “Surely I couldn’t have an ear infection,” I thought to myself as I went about my day, “that’s something my little sister used to get when she was five.” As spent three days in ignorance, allowing the bacteria festering in my aural cavity to feast on my flesh. Growing stronger, they staged a rebellion and tried to take over my body and soul. Luckily, I outwitted them by going to the doctor.

Ear Infection

The problem is – they sent me to a pediatrician! I know that the words “ear infection” sound like I have a juvenile kind of disease, but come on! Do I really have to stare at freakin’ Disney wallpaper and read Highlights magazine for an hour in the waiting room just to get some antibiotics? Oh, wait, I like those things. Gumdrops, can I go to the doctor with you for Isabella’s next checkup?

Long story short, I’ve been fighting against the evil colony of ear goblins for the past week, and I’m excited to report that major operations in Iraq….er….my ear are over!

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