Desktop Tower Defense

Back in the day, I remember playing Warcraft III tower defense games for an entire summer with Gumdrops, Ben and Carl. Drinking whiskey, eating pizza and playing beery-beery games. Those were the days. Now I’ve gone and ruined it by getting a job where I sit in front of a computer all day and I’m not allowed to play games. I have to write.

So here’s the question – how am I expected to write fantastic content when I have just discovered a fun new tower defense game on the web? It’s taking all my might to refrain from surfing over to this site and wasting a few hours building tower defenses to prevent those little hand drawn villains from creeping on down. This is me reaching out to you all, hoping that in my stead you will play this game and you will emerge victorious. Maybe we can set up a private score chart to track our scores and engage in a little friendly competition, eh?

Desktop Tower Defense

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