Make Some Money Morgan

Dogs Making Money

Now that Morgan has moved back in with me (along with Danielle), my apartment complex decided that it wasn’t enough for the humans at our place to pay rent – they’re charging poor Morgan $20.00 a month to stay with us. Problem is, she doesn’t really have an income right now, and her bank account is kaput. What’s a loving dog owner to do? I can’t kick her out…the only thing I can think of is to try to come up with some doggy money making ideas so she can pay her fair share. Aside from a pooch photoshoot that turned out to be fake on Craigslist, there haven’t been too many opportunities, so I thought I would come up with some potentials:

1. Teach her to walk other dogs and start a dog walking service.
2. Have her become a mystery shopper (no one ever suspects a husky mix!).
3. Golf ball retrieval services.
4. Have her start a blog and load it up with dog related affiliate programs.
5. Set up a kissing booth (she loves to lick people).
6. Selling her furminated hair to wig manufacturers.

Any other ideas? Annie? Cash? Puccini?

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