It’s That Time of Year Again…

It is a time when families gather together. A time when enemies forget their troubles and shake hands. A time when dogs and cats live together, and it is not total anarchy. Friends, it is the time of year for buffalo wings, and a little something I like to call, “THE WINGDOM CHALLENGE!”

Wingdom Challenge

Who among us is willing to muster the courage and strength to challenge me this Sunday to the ultimate in competitive eating challenges? Who will hunker down the $20-$40 worth of sweet, sweet chicken parts to consume with me in a winner-take-all (i.e. the title of Wing Commander) poultry eating extravaganza?

Will anyone be able to break my record of 42 wings consumed in one half hour? I think not! All those who have tried (BCox) have run home crying.

Welcome to the big leagues kids. Time to sack up and see what you’re made of.

I’m made of buffalo chicken wings.

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