I am Snowboarder!

Greetings from Nutrioso, AZ! Nick and his family have purchased an incredible log cabin here, right next to Sunrise Ski Resort! Now, many of you who know me may be asking, “Rico, you don’t like to ski! In fact, you don’t like snow! IN FACT – You hate temperatures below 75 degrees! Why would you be so excited about a cabin up in Nutrioso?”


Well amigos, I have conquered my fear of the mountain. All it took was strapping my skis together to create a device many refer to as a “snowboard”. Using this “snowboard” I am more in control of my descent down the icy mountain of doom and am able to adequately prevent my untimely death that comes from such perilous activities.

Alright, so I’m not the best “snowboarder” yet. I need some more practice. Let’s plan a trip!

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