Dirty Scottsdale is Upon Us

I haven’t made it to any of the bars or nightclubs in Scottsdale since I moved up here – frankly I’ve been more interested in working, going to the gym, seeing movies at the Cine Capri and going to Diamondbacks games. Sure, there’s been the occasional happy hour, and I am in love with the Yardhouse, which serves the most draught beers of any bar in the world, but the nightlife that has attracted many to the area aren’t high on my list.

Dirty Scottsdale

Luckily, there’s a site out there that documents some of the wild goings on of the Scottsdale area, so I can have a sneak peak into the life of a perpetual bar hopping stripper/fratboy. Dirty Scottsdale is the home of pictures of people out on the town looking to have a nice time the only way they know how…by getting wasted and making fools of themselves.

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  1. Oh sorry, I couldn’t hear you. Gonna have to come down off that high horse if you want to be heard…

  2. Fun that there is a yardhouse in Phoenix! Did you know that the man that started the yardhouse chain is from Hawaii! Oh, and he personally makes the playlist for all of the yardhouse locations from his own computer!

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