Wall-E is the Best Movie. Ever.


There, I said it. If you’ve seen it already, then you know what I’m talking about. I knew it was going to be my new favorite movie after only the first twenty minutes. The visuals are incredible, the music is amazing, the characters are spot-on. I can’t stop thinking about how cool Pixar is and how much I love my new favorite robot (sorry Data). By the way, as of this post, Wall-E has already made it to #9 in the IMDB users “top 250 movies of all time” list. Pretty darn incredible. And check out SlashFilm’s list of Wall-E easter eggs.

If anyone is going to go see Wall-E this week, I’m coming along. Even if you’re on a date – I’ll sit well enough away so as not to disturb.

Oh, and by the way, I loved the movie so much that I decided to officially rename my dog.


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