Transformers Vs. Ratatouille

Wow, after seeing Transformers last night, I came home and thought long and hard about how much I enjoyed both of these movies, and I decided to create a chart to help figure out which one I enjoyed more. I mean, I love Pixar, like a lot, but I also love the new Camaro. And also the Pontiac Solstice, which talks in urban speak ’cause everyone knows that Transformers learned how to talk from the world wide web. Which makes me think, do they need SEO? Anyway, here is the chart.

  Ratatouille Transformers Winner
Main Character A rat stuck in the human world and wants to cook for us. A robot stuck in the human world who wants to haul goods across the country. Ratatouille
Director Brad Bird, who gave us Transformers Michael Bay, who gave us lots of crap Ratatouille
Sidekick A bumbling human who befriends a rat A kid who remains rediculously calm when seeing his car transform into a robot Transformers
Thing I Want Some of that delicious ratatouille A 2009 Camaro with racing stripes Transformers
Bad Guy A nasty critic who reviews restaurants A nasty Decepticon who spends 95% of the movie frozen Ratatouille
Cheesiest Line Something about camembert cheese “You’re more than meets the eye.” Transformers
Biggest Surprise The many fun incarnations of dead chef Auguste Gusteau Freakin’ John Tuturro – Hilarious and totally out of place Transformers

Hmmmm….even though Transformers won my little game, I’m going to have to go with Disney on this one. Especially for all the cheesieness in the Transformers movie. It was a lot of fun to watch though, and I’m looking forward to seeing it again and riding around in my new Camaro when it comes out next year. Anyone want to buy a Tahoe?

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