Are You Getting an iPhone Today?

the iLoser

This guy is. Although he’s not doing it because he wants one, he’s doing it because his “thing” is to be the first one in line for special events like this. I wasn’t looking forward to the launch of the iPhone, I don’t want one, frankly, but there are a few things I’m looking forward to this weekend (by the way, they’re all movies!)…

1. Ratatouille – Pixar’s newest computer animated film. This is going to be refreshing after Shrek III, which I think was a total dissapointment.

2. Sicko – Yeah yeah, Michael Moore sucks. Or does he? I don’t agree with his politics, but I think his movies are entertaining and at the least thought provoking. It doesn’t take a genius to realize that the healthcare inudstry in the US is failing.

3. Live Free or Die Hard – Yippie Kai Yai Yea, Motha F-A!

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