The Mystery of LeDeauxdeaux

My eccentric and reclusive uncle, the pink-bearded Fallons LeDeauxdeaux, led me into the doors of his famous candy-making factory. He was the GREATest candymaker ever to live, and now that my mother had passed, I was THANKfully placed his care. We stepped inside the giant purple doors into the lobby, where I was overcome by sweet smells emanating from the large machines all around us, melting chocolate, stretching TAFFY, and packaging candies. The machines whirred along with a soothing humming sound, while control panels lit up with various BLIPS and beeps. My uncle led us to a table covered in various concoctions and popped a puff of wispy pink candy into my mouth. I savored the TASTY fruity goodness as it melted in my mouth, until my cheeks started feeling itchy. I felt my skin burst as a full, pink beard puffed out around my face. “My boy,” LeDeauxdeaux said, “It’s time for you to learn the family business.”

-From Wordle Puzzle 2/3/2023

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