POINT – It’s called Frunch becuase it’s “Friends Lunch”

The guys (in Tucson) and I have been seeing each other once a week for the past few months in order to share lunch together and shoot the proverbial shit. We’ve tried some great restaurants, including Guadalajara Grill, Vivace and Brushfire BBQ. We’ve also been subjected to some bad ones – India Oven and the recently defunct Cocina Loca. We’ve had to put up with a bit of nonsense, like Tim never showing up. Or like this email from the Biscuit in response to my decision to hold this week’s Frunch at Sauce instead of his suggested locale:

whatever. I was just throwing it out there as you said you didn’t care and I like to support local business and not throw good money at corporate chain places with generic overpriced food. But whatever.


All in all, I have to admit that we’ve had some good times. For those who work, it’s a nice break in the day. For those who don’t, well, I can’t play Mario Kart Wii all day without eating, can I? Anyway, Frunch rocks. I love the idea, I love the company, I love the food and I even love the name.

Ah, the name.

This brings me to my POINT in this point/counter-point debate (of which there is no official counter-pointer…): Frunch is called Frunch precisely because it is a combination of the two terms “Friends” and “Lunch.” I present as evidence the fact that Frunch has occurred on varying days since its inception. I also contend this due to the fact that we never invite anyone who is not our friend. I further stipulate that Frunch is “Friends Lunch” because “Friday Lunch” sounds totally lame. And we’re not totally lame, are we guys?

I think not.

So today, as we enjoy our special Friend Lunch at Sauce, remember the people who died so that we could have some delicious pizza together. Oh, and when I say people, I mean the great, great animals that we make pepperoni from.

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