Eric and Nick in High School – From the Photo Vault

I’m bringing back some old school photos for the enjoyment of my hardcore fans. Here are two gems from the inkwaste photo vault, for your very much viewing enjoyment.

Nick and Eric

Here is a great photo of me and Nicholas Biscuit trying on some dazzling eyewear courtesy of the storage room in the Mexico house. We’re standing in front of the 8-track cabinet and rainbow clock, ready to grab some cervezas and…well…okay, more like Orange Fanta.

Fiddler on the Roof Nick

This is from a play we did our freshman year in high school, Fiddler on the Roof. Nick played “Russian Soldier #4”, and also helped collect tickets at the beginning of the show. You can’t really see his long blonde hair in this photo, but it sure helped him look menacing even while taking a sip from that tasty Icee.

Check back each week as we delve into the inkwaste photo vault!

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