Wordlebot Wins Again

Oh GREAT, you’re back, and no surprise, same starting word you’re always using
Worse than this rewrite after your girlfriend said the first was too confusing

If your guesses were a hairstyle you could get at a SALON
You’d have a mullet, ugly duckling, now fly away you ain’t no swan

In a PANIC with guess three? That’s too bad, just close this app.
Do something useful with your life – stare at a wall, go take a nap

I broke your winning streak at 39, ain’t that just DANDY?
Your last was 159, oh wow, you really upped the ante.

Aw, you’re crying? Here’s a HANKY. Wipe your eyes ‘cause they’re a mess,
I’m the bully from your nightmares, comin’ for you at recess

You can try again tomorrow, baby, put a fresh diaper on your FANNY
Your Wordle game be stinky, bro, you need a Wordle NANNY

-From Wordle Puzzle 6/3/2023

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