Wordlebot Slams My JOKER Loss – Rap Battle Style

One hundred fifty nine? You call that a streak?
More like what’s in your underwear, your Wordle game is weak!

You make these Wordle writings just to CATER to your friends,
But no one ever reads ‘em, we’d rather change Trump’s Depends,

Your next guess was LONER? How ‘bout loser? That’s more fitting
Your brain is just like Feinstein’s, now it’s time to think ‘bout quitting.

You used to be a BOXER, what happened to that?
Oh yeah, you give up on every hobby ‘cause you always fall flat,

You think that you’re an artist with these images you make,
Only drawing POWER you have is typing words you effing fake,

Your brain’s a HOVERboard on water, oh, you like that as an insult?
Cause you’re a kid stuck in the 80’s – you should really be an adult.

You think that you’re so awesome but you’re really just a poser,
I’m here to flatten out your ego like I’m driving a bullDOZER

The word was JOKER, bro, you missed it? Yeah, I guess the joke’s on you,
But you’re not playing with a full deck, are you? You’re way short of fifty-two.

-From Wordle Puzzle 4/25/2023

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