The Perils of Search Engine Optimization

For those that don’t know, I’m working at a Search Engine Optimization firm called Submitawebsite up here in Phoenix. It’s really been fun taking people’s websites and making them rank higher in Google searches for particular keywords and phrases. Here’s the problem – whenever I work on someone’s site, I become obsessed with the content. I put myself in the mindset of the customer, trying valiantly to figure out what the average person searching for that particular item would type in to a Google search box.

Goat Searching

Needless to say, I’m really good at it.

The problem is, whenever I optimize a site, I end up wanting to buy whatever it is I’m helping to sell. Right now, I have 12 pairs of scrubs, 2 car covers, a safari to South Africa, 7 Airsoft guns, and have applied for 13 credit cards.

There goes my paycheck.

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