A Celestial Love Heist to Covet

A long time ago, in the Fairytale land of Krogeria, there lived a Prince who loved a Princess named Camilla. The Prince thought that Camilla would love him forever – after all, he was handsome, interesting, funny, loyal, brave, and the ruler of a GREAT and beautiful kingdom. What the Prince didn’t understand, however, is that sometimes even the most noble traits and Earthly treasures just aren’t enough.

One day, as the Prince and Camilla were enjoying an evening stroll, there appeared a bright flash of light, and a beautiful woman appeared – it was the Goddess Alexi who had come to engage in a HEIST of the Princess’ heart. Although the Prince issued a royal EDICT that prohibited the two from spending time together, it was no use – Alexi had already given Camilla an engagement ring. They were married and had their honeymoon on a celestial COMET orbiting Alexi’s angelic realm.
The Prince would always COVET the special relationship that Camilla and Alexi had, but he eventually came to realize that if you truly love someone, sometimes you have to let them go. For although the Prince was handsome and royal, nobody can compete with a goddess.

-From Wordle Puzzle 6/23/2023

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