So Close to My Space Mountain Dream!

I’ve always wanted to work at Disneyland. It’s my favorite place to be on the whole planet, so why not go there every day and get paid to do it? In terms of getting paid to do something you love, it’s almost as good a job as being a porn star, right? Well, as long as I’ve been telling people that I want to work at Disneyland, people have been telling me not to. Telling me that it would lose the magic if I knew what went on behind the scenes.

I’m pretty sure they’re totally wrong.

As much as I love going to the parks and having fun being immersed in the magic, it’s what went/goes on behind the scenes that really intrigues me. My favorite books about Disney are the ones about the Imagineers and how Disneyland was built. That’s why I’ve always been jealous of people who have told me stories of breaking down on one of the rides – and the biggest dream of mine was to see what it’s like inside Space Mountain with the lights on.

Last week, I was at Disneyland with Bosablo, Jen and Moon Goddess, and my wish almost came true.

The ride broke down just as we were ascending into the spinning chamber – I was moments away from crossing this feat off my list! But no! We stopped only seconds before getting to the main area of the coaster, and the Cast Member who helped us out of our rocketships wouldn’t let me up the stairs to take a peek.

Darn it! I guess the only solution is to keep going to Disneyland, and keep riding Space Mountain until my dream comes true. Or…should I just bite the bullet and try to get a job there?

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