Scuba Diving in Maui – February 08

Right before Danielle moved back to New York she and I ventured out to Hawaii for a fun filled 9 day adventure in the sun and sea. In between the beach, the galleries and all the great restaurants, Danielle, Stephanie, her friend Emma and I took two fantastic scuba diving trips. These pictures are from the first two dives of the four that we made that trip, and include some of us with a friendly little octopus that we found on the journey.

Scuba Steph
Here is Stephanie giving the “Hang Loose” sign.

Scuba Steph
Danielle giving the “I’m okay!” sign.

Scuba Steph
Me giving the “What….you no like your soup?” sign.

Scuba Steph
Looks like an octopus caught in headlights.

Scuba Steph
Thanks, scuba guy, very articulate. We know the octopus was cool. We know your underwater chalkboard is cool. Show us some sharks now please. Er….friendly sharks.

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  1. Hooray!

    Hooray for Maui… Hooray for Stephie and Matt living in Maui… Hooray for new Inkwaste posts!

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