Rico Montana and the Curse of the King’s Tomb

Rico Montana, the GREAT explorer, stepped through a narrow passageway within the long forgotten RUINS he had discovered yesterday afternoon. The air inside was musty and stale, befitting an ancient temple that hadn’t seen human occupants in centuries. 

The thick, yellowed, stone walls of the passageways were scattered with cobwebs and various religious artifacts, including candles, tablets, and tattered cleric FROCKs that disintegrated at the slightest touch. 

Rico was searching for the temple’s catacombs, where he hoped to find the mythical and long sought-after treasure known the WORLD over – the golden ceremonial armor of King Magnus Pilae. 

Turning a corner, Rico found the entrance! A small trap door with a simple wooden ladder lay in front of him, and the intrepid hero descended into the dark, WORMY depths of the underground burial chambers. 

Down here Rico wasn’t scared of the dank maze that he now had to navigate, or the sarcophagi embedded into its walls. Rico’s only WORRY had to do with the ancient curse associated with the infamous King. 

If the stories were true, and Rico removed the golden armor from the king’s mummified carcass, he ran the risk of the King’s spirit overtaking his body, claiming it as his own. But in order to be reinstated into the Adventurer’s Guild, this was a risk Rico was willing to take.

-From Wordle Puzzle 1/27/2023

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