Read Harry Potter 7 This Weekend…Or Else

Harry Potter 7

I’m getting my copy on Friday night at midnight! What’s interesting about this book that I’d like to bring up here is that I’m not tempted to read the last chapter first, which I normally do. You all know that I don’t care about spoilers, and that I usually like knowing the endings of things before going into them, but I think I’m going to let myself be surprised this time.

The fifth movie was awesome, by the way, in case you didn’t see it yet. If you’re not going to catch Chuck and Larry or Hairspray this weekend, and you’ve already watched Ratatouille at least twice, you should go see it.

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  1. I’ve never read or seen a Harry Potter story! I guess I’ve got to get out more often.

  2. Who is Grego? Is that the ending to the hairy potter series? I wish I could read…..

  3. Oh and talk about teen angst in the last potter film! If the one who must not be mentioned wasn’t in his head you would thing potter was going through puberty!

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