Put the Craps Dice in the Hands of a Rice


This weekend we traveled to Las Vegas, Nevada for a three day, two night intense gambling instruction and all around good time. There have always been a few things that I believed to be true. Not scientific fact, mind you, but a pretty good theory at least. Interestingly, they have all been proven over the course of the past weekend. They include:

1. Rices can roll. It isn’t just me that can have a hot roll at the craps table, I found out. It turns out that my sisters are quite capable as well. I think that Stacie may have had an even better streak than I. Either way, what a great way to introduce some gambling novices to the best game in Vegas. High fives abounded!

2. Danielle and I “win” at the Wynn. There’s no bones about it; if you plop me and my beautiful girlfriend at a blackjack table at Steve Wynn’s Las Vegas casino, we’re going to take some of his money home with us. It’s a sure bet.

3. Monopoly Once Around Deluxe is the best slot on the planet. What makes it the best, you ask? Fun music, good Monopoly related items on the reels and the kick-assingist bonus game on the strip.

4. Bally’s has great craps tables. Even though they’ve added some funky bets onto the felt, the atmosphere and dealers make this a must play kind of place.

5. Ellis Island is the best place for good, cheap, 24 hour food in Vegas. This was confirmed when several text messages went out into the world from 1st-timer eaters. Mmmmmmmmm…steak and eggs!

Wow, I don’t think this trip could have been any better than it was. Everyone had a blast! Look for the pictures coming soon!

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