Lots of Stuff Going on Right Now

I’m in New York (Danielle and I drove here), Fantasy Football is starting up (link up top), I was at the RCA Dome in Indianapolis to visit Peyton Manning (I couldn’t find him while I wandered around the perimeter), GenCon was in Indianapolis while I was there (I didn’t get to go), I quit my job (I can’t do 8-5), Danielle’s birthday is tomorrow (she’s awesome). More to come soon.

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  1. Hooray for New York. Hooray for Fantasy Football. Happy birthday Danielle. My brother’s birthday is today, actually… so that’s fun too!

    Oh, and hooray for not doing 8-5!

  2. Hehe – I messed up – her birthday is in two days – August 16. Sorry, bad boyfriend. Thank god she doesn’t have the same b-day as Affleck.

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