Kevie’s Bachelor Party a Smashing Success!

Steak. Booze. Bars. Oh yeah, and a nice picnic in the park. Kevie’s bachelor party this past weekend in Boston wasn’t the typical fiesta with the stymied strippers and various “what happened at the bachelor party…” kind of moments, but it was pretty memorable and I think it was a good sendoff to Kevie’s single life. After a delightful picnic in Boston’s Common Park with Laura’s bachelorette crew, we took in a free Matt Kearney / KT Tunstall / Guster concert across the way. I won’t go too much into what we did that night, but I will say that it involved steaks, bars and beads. Oh, and Pat fell in love, like, fifteen times. Click on the photo for the pics (at least, the ones we are releasing to the public).

Kevie's Bachelor Party

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