Hooray for Wall-E! Sorry You Got Slumdogged Out of More!

I want to start by saying that I really enjoyed Slumdog Millionaire, and I’m okay with it winning “Best Picture” last night at the Oscars. Unfortunately, however, I think the movie is suffering from way too much hype right now – I mean, it wasn’t that amazing. Very cool, very different in a lot of ways, but not EIGHT FREAKING OSCARS cool and different. Come on. After all, Wall-E was a much better movie than Slumdog.

Wall-e Snubbed

Congratulations to Pixar for their “Best Animated Film” win last night, but you deserved more. In my HUMBLE opinion, Presto should have won “Best Animated Short”. It was fantastic! And Wall-E should have won “Best Song”, “Best Score”, “Best Sound Mixing”, “Best Sound Editing” (EVERY SINGLE SOUND in the film had to be created from scratch!), and “Best Original Screenplay” (Well, alright, I haven’t seen Milk yet…).

All in all, I loved the show last night. It was really cool having past award winners present the nominees with a bit of praise before the big announcement. I also enjoyed Jack Black’s jab at Dreamworks animation. Heh.

Now, a complaint: why the hell were the stars of High School Musical there? And another: why does the Academy seem to be so against Pixar winning awards that it obviously deserves? It’s just like how Colie Gumdrops has something against finishing boardgames. Seriously, WTF?!?!?!!

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