Flamenco, Paella and Lake Pleasant

This weekend I did three pretty cool things that I’d like to share with the group.

1. Angie and I went to a Spanish restaurant called Pepin in Old Town Scottsdale for some Paella. I was reluctant at first, considering that I haven’t tried the saffron infused seafood dish since I wasn’t impressed with it back in Spain in 1997. I have since expanded my pallete, and I was ready to try the Spanish delicacy once again. Angie was craving Paella, and I wanted to give it another shot, and I’m so glad I did – I really enjoyed it, even the squid!

2. The Flamenco dancing at the restaurant was really great too, especially since Angie knew all the performers and they stopped by our table afterward to chat with us.

Lake Pleasant

3. It was a 45 minute drive up to Lake Pleasant, and it cost $5 to get in (there goes my American Idol pool money), but the 4.0 mile (roundtrip) hike I did along the Northeast part of the lake was well worth it. The yellow and purple wildflowers that are in bloom along the trail were really spectacular, and hiking around the lake was so much better than sitting at home playing video games.

Well…actually, that depends on the video game. Heh, just kidding!

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