Comic Con Starts Today – Prepare for the News!

I had a blast last year at Comic Con, and I was really excited to go this year. It didn’t work out, but Nick and Ben are out there representing Mad Sea Dog so I feel like a part of me is there too. I picked up some pretty neat independent comics last year, and that’s one of the things I’m going to miss. Mostly, I’m going to miss learning about things first hand, like cool movie news and such. I’ll have to rely on the internet for all that – and there’s some fun stuff coming out of the San Diego Convention Center already!


Here is a picture from the new Pixar film Wall-E which is fresh out of Comic Con – you can find loads of information from the website I wrote for last year or my new favorite film site /film. Good luck Ben and Nick, try not to feel very squished on Saturday (it’s sold out)!

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  1. Hey, isn’t that the robot also known as “number five” from the move Short Circuit.

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