But I Hated My Job, So Therefore…

My life as an accountant was pitiful and meaningless – I was in need of a GREAT new adventure and I needed it soon.

But I couldn’t afford a PLANE ticket to explore the jungles of Africa like I always wanted.

So therefore I began stealing money from my job, sneaking increasing amounts of cash into my pockets each day.

But my boss became suspicious, so I decided to plant evidence on my co-worker in order to FRAME them for the theft. The next day the police came around and started asking questions that could eventually implicate me.

Therefore, I hit the BRAKEs on my embezzlement operation and fled to the airport, buying a ticket for a red-eye flight to Nairobi.

But I realized that I couldn’t settle back into my former meek personality, and began to CRAVE the highs I got from stealing. I carefully removed a distracted woman’s wallet from her purse, and felt the rush all over again…

-From Wordle Puzzle 1/30/2023

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