Apple Unveils New iPhone

So, I broke my phone the other day, and when I went to Sprint to get a replacement, I decided to get the cheapest one there. I already have a nice camera and mp3 player, so why waste money on a phone that has similar features that I have better alternatives for? Why isn’t there a device that has a good camera, plays photos, mp3s and videos, and looks really cool doing it? There is now.

Leave it to Apple to include every feature I could possibly want in a cellphone, and more. We’re talkin’ a top of the line iPod with a 3.5″ touchscreen to play mp3s, show photos and videos. It can connect to WiFi networks to connect to the internet – browse the web, email, use google widgets, etc. It has a built in 2 mp camera. It knows what you want to type when you send messages and such.

It’s going to be incredible. I can’t wait to switch to Cingular.

It’s just too bad that Apple computers still suck.

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  1. Let me tell you a little thing about Cingular.
    They’re terrible.
    Thank you for your time.
    Love Always,
    Brian Paul Yetwin

  2. Apple is going to be at our hotel next week for a convention – they are pretty excited about the new product – maybe they will have a bunch of free give aways!

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