A Boy and His Shadow – Cover Revealed!

Mad Sea Dog has released the cover art for the anticipated A Boy and His Shadow graphic novel. Written and drawn by acclaimed comic book artist Benjamin Ilka, A Boy and His Shadow is the flagship of the Mad Sea Dog publishing brand. Head over to the site for more information, and be sure to pick up a copy when it is released in about a month.

A Boy and His Shadow

In other comic book related news, Wes and I are going to see a double feature this Thursday: Iron Man followed by The Incredible Hulk. What’s cool about these two films is that they’re both released by Marvel Studios, and have some interesting story elements that connect them. Apparently, Captain America’s shield can be seen in Iron Man, and he’ll show up in the Hulk as well. Same thing with Nick Fury, and Tony Stark is going to make a cameo in the Hulk too. Sweet.

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