Vapid Stripes

Don’t wear that old SHIRT
It wasn’t LINED very well
And it’s quite VAPID

-From Wordle Puzzle 4/26/2024

Overt Bro

“It would be GREAT if you could be a bit less OVERT, bro.” -This dude’s friends, probably

-From Wordle Puzzle 4/24/2024

Mars Rover – and Other Rejected Song Lyrics

Rejected lyrics from the latest Boneheadz ‘N Harmony album:

“Girl you’re my flour, so let me be your yeast, or let me stuff your muffin with my rolling pin at LEAST

“I can feel the love tonight with you here by my side, I’m Mufasa, you’re Serabi, def my favorite of the PRIDE

“We gonna need a MOWER, girl, down south you’ve got a jungle cat”

“I’m a private dick, girl, so let’s take this mystery under-COVER

“Girl I got so much ado over you, so HOVER your nothing over my body, and please don’t be a shrew”

“Got Uranus in my sights while we’re flying past the stars, Wanna explore your peaks and valleys like that ROVER does on Mars”

-From Wordle Puzzle 4/23/2024


See you LATER, bro!
I said to the LAYER of bricks
With my LASER hand!

-From Wordle Puzzle 4/22/2024

A Jolly Giraffe Laugh

The GREAT zebra had quite the gaffe,
Got a SHOCK eating with a giraffe,
They thought a DOILY was a pancake,
Quite the FOLLY and mistake,
So they chortled a big JOLLY laugh!

-From Wordle Puzzle 4/21/2024

Lucid Dreams

In the GREAT somewhere else, I take over the reigns,
And then POUND all about through the streams of my brain,
Now up and away through the FLUID of space,
These LUCID dreams lead to your calming embrace.

-From Wordle Puzzle 4/20/2024