Hey Vegas…We’re Back!

It’s been a whole year since the last time Beau, Pat and I were in Vegas together. A long year which has brought each of us closer to adulthood, maturity, fame and fortune. Luckily, we’re going to abandon all of our newfound sophistication and have as much fun as humanly possible. Yes, the return of the mighty trio. We’re eschewing our usual haunt, the Encore, in favor of the new Aria which is in the MGM Mirage built CityCenter complex. Should be fun. As far as our adventures go, I won’t bore you with details of gambling and debauchery. Instead, I’ll mention something new that we’re doing this year: the Consumer Electronics Show. Yes, that’s right, we scored tickets to the CES, which means we’ll be privy to all the latest and greatest gadgets before all of you guys.

Nyeah, nyeah!

Wish us luck – we’ll be sure to report from the front lines!

Walt Disney World 38th Anniversary Film

Walt Disney World is celebrating its 38th anniversary this year, and they released this video to commemorate it. It’s tilt-shift stop motion, which makes everything and everyone look like little toys. The video represents a regular day at the parks, and shows a lot of neat stuff! I vote we all plan a trip out there soon, especially now that Stephanie is on the East Coast!

Awwwww, Colin Made a New Facebook Friend!

It’s always a delight here at inkwaste when we can write a heartwarming story about one of our amigos. It turns out that our good buddy Gumdrops has found himself a friend on the facebook. Not just any kind of friend, however. This appears to be one of those strong bonds that grows and grows through time. It’s not easy to find people with your exact same name, but when you do you have to hold on tight and never let go.


Good luck to both Colins as they venture forward together.

We’re on Twitter!


Inkwaste is now on Twitter! You can follow us on our twitter page here, Or check out our tweets in the sidebar to the right. Once again, inkwaste.com forges ahead with the latest and greatest that the internet has to offer. Soon, with the addition of viral videos and perhaps even a dash of rickrolling, we will rule the internet forever! See, even the guy in the picture gives us two thumbs up. And that’s what we’re all about here at inkwaste.

That guy.

TNG Rap: NSFW on the USS Enterprise

You’ve seen the new Star Trek trailer, and it looks bad ass, right? No argument there. What a lot of people don’t realize is that Star Trek has always been bad ass – why do you think JJ Abrams would want to make a new Star Trek movie? Or how come your trekkie friends are always pointing out Star Trek references and inside jokes in other movies and tv shows? I’m telling you, Star Trek freakin’ rocks! In fact, here’s a little rap video from Youtube that shows how much ass TNG kicked in the 7 years it was on the air. NOTE: This video is NSFW, and pretty crude…but also pretty sweet.

Hooray for Wall-E! Sorry You Got Slumdogged Out of More!

I want to start by saying that I really enjoyed Slumdog Millionaire, and I’m okay with it winning “Best Picture” last night at the Oscars. Unfortunately, however, I think the movie is suffering from way too much hype right now – I mean, it wasn’t that amazing. Very cool, very different in a lot of ways, but not EIGHT FREAKING OSCARS cool and different. Come on. After all, Wall-E was a much better movie than Slumdog.

Wall-e Snubbed

Congratulations to Pixar for their “Best Animated Film” win last night, but you deserved more. In my HUMBLE opinion, Presto should have won “Best Animated Short”. It was fantastic! And Wall-E should have won “Best Song”, “Best Score”, “Best Sound Mixing”, “Best Sound Editing” (EVERY SINGLE SOUND in the film had to be created from scratch!), and “Best Original Screenplay” (Well, alright, I haven’t seen Milk yet…).

All in all, I loved the show last night. It was really cool having past award winners present the nominees with a bit of praise before the big announcement. I also enjoyed Jack Black’s jab at Dreamworks animation. Heh.

Now, a complaint: why the hell were the stars of High School Musical there? And another: why does the Academy seem to be so against Pixar winning awards that it obviously deserves? It’s just like how Colie Gumdrops has something against finishing boardgames. Seriously, WTF?!?!?!!

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