Peter and Carol

Peter and Carol is a game that Rico made up on the beach in Mexico. It’s a fun drinking game that’s got fast action and some elements of poker.

PLAYERS: 3-10 players.

SETUP: The dealer shuffles the deck and deal each person five cards. The dealer then places as many cards as there are players face down in the center of the table.

BEGIN: When the dealer has looked at his cards, he begins play by picking up one of the face down cards in the middle of the table, while the other players do the same. No player may pick up a card from the middle until the dealer begins to do so.

THE PLAY:  After everyone has picked up a card, they must immediately discard a card face up into the pile. Play continues with players picking up cards from the middle and discarding them back, trying to get the best poker hand possible. When a player thinks he has a better hand than anyone else, he may knock.

Knocking: The knocker is called the Peter. When a player knocks, everyone else EXCEPT THE KNOCKER has one more chance to pick up and discard a card. When other players have finished, everyone flips over their cards and reveals their hand.

WINNING: Whoever has the highest hand is the Carol, and may give out one drink. If the Peter is the Carol, it is a Zimmerman and Associates (Z&A), and every other player must drink. If the Peter is not the Carol, he must take a drink. The player with the lowest hand (the Colin) must drink as well. Start a new round now with a new dealer!